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A Few Cool Ideas

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David Adams

David Adams
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It will be nice if we can craft a regular ak47 for dz birthday or easter event. Damage and aps will be high but range and hit chance will be sluggish, shotgun range.
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The game exploits some real-world physics. Modern lasers are powerful enough, but laser hand weapons will require lots of batteries and capacitors. So, all laser weapons MUST slow down survivor for at least 10% because of battery weight. Also they MUST have low fire rate because of nature of the laser beam generation. But they also MAY have very high per-shoot damage, usually enough to kill HERC riot zed within 1-2 shoots. And they must have long enough aiming time.


Decoy grenades, unstoppably attracting zeds for some period of time will be much better.

I don't care how they do it, as long as I can pretend to be a Rebel shooting at stormtroopers!

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More ideas cause why not
Lvl 56+ island: island just higher lvl that is harder but all hauls give a lvl 56+ elite/rare/uni depending on the haul.

New maps:
1) library: high chance for books
2) bookstore: same as library just bigger
3) crashed plane: medical suplies,weapons, gear, food and water are very common. Junk and base resources (metal, wood, cloth)
4) abandoned vehecules/transport: same as crashed plane.
5) house: a lot of junk, some food/water and base resources, few to none medical suplies, guns and gear.
6) bunker: EVERYTHING ( a survivalist bunker)
7) schools: (outside only as a abandoned government camp (outside only)
8) supermarkets: everything except for guns and gear.
9) mansions: food/water
10) junkyard: junk and base resources
11) factories: anything really
12) two storied buildings: has everything
13) malls: anything really
14) clubs: food and water

That's all I got for now plz critize it helps me comes up with more ideas and build on them. (Notice me dev team)

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Well, I can give you some feedback:


1) We already have House, Supermarket and Department Stores (which are similar to a mall, at least from the game's point of view). Plus, we have Abandoned Vehicles as a container in a variety of maps (any Highway, Bridge or Train Station, for example)


2) I'm pretty sure Library, Book Store, School and Factory were already proposed many times (alongside Airport and Gas Station). School will not be implemented for obvious reasons; the rest might have a chance if new buildings are considered.


3) HERC Bunkers would make a "bunker" location redundant.


4) I really like the idea of a crashed plane. It could be a HERC military plane that was carrying supplies (since the Containment update teaser, we know HERC has planes watching the Dead Zone). Perhaps the sound of the crash attracted a lot of infected ,or even a lot of HERC operatives, why not? It could even be a map variation for HERC bunkers, where we have to take the plane from the surviving HERC troops before reinforcements arrive.


5) Junkyard might be either useful or redundant (we have Depot and Warehouse already), depending on how it's handled. Personally, I would prefer a place with a lot more components than Warehouses, but I would prefer a Factory instead of a Junkyard.


6) The rest (mansion, two-story building, clubs) don't really catch my eye. Maybe other people would like them, though.

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Matt Baker UK

Matt Baker UK
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ideas?  ok, these are recurring thoughts of mine,



Maps: we already have several versions of each type of map. x2 dept. stores, x3 military bases etc. it's very hard to describe which map variation you're talking about in chat or if reporting a bug,

would it be possible to add an identifier to the map visible on arrival, Dept. Store Mk1 or Dept. Store ver.1 or Dept. Store 1.0 for example?


Trading:  could research components fit up to x5 to a trade slot like the notes do?


Tokens: Premium upgrading tokens?


Raid & Assault Masks:  there are level requirements for these masks but they only become visible when you attempt to equip them,

this has caused some confusion and also disappointment when peeps have obtained a mask then gone to equip it and found there is a restriction,

could the level requirements be made visible to all players regardless of level and even when un equipped?

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