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Jerome Walker, Signing Out...

No I am not doing giveaways Ill probably still lurk

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Well, It has been real nice to meet all of you (Kongregate & AG/FB and Dev team), such wonderful people, I hope we can at least use this Forum for chat purpose just to stay connected to share all the Moments from DZ enjoying the Nostalgia, like I got silenced from chat for 2 mins (I believe it must be shortest duration in the history of DZ) for joking and trolling around. That really made the whole Server Laugh and it still does bring smiles on our faces. LOL


I, too have temporarily quit this game but seeing that DZ will be no more after this year, hence I also announce my Permanent leave from this game.


Perhaps, Dev team would like to create some chat rooms (Public and Private) in these forums, if possible? :)


P.S.  I will be looking forward if Dev team can bring back this game or any other game and I have decided to give away my items through Old school means; all those looking for my Perfected 100% Max stats Uniques and all items can join the Auction on Kongregate Server (Bidding Currency will be Shoelace, Bottle Caps and Coins). :)


Hope to see you all soon (Sooner if we can have some chat rooms in this place) and this game maybe on other Platform :D

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