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Ag Alliance Wars Top 3 Weekly Posts

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TanaG, are you seriously suggesting that you are not responsible for locking up more forum pages than everyone else combined?


S0N page Locked - Last Comment from TanaG


L1N page Locked  -  Last 3 comments all from S0N (Including TanaG)


Eradicating Skill page Locked - Thanks to TanaG. Con even gave you a gold star in that 1. "We are tired of your accusations and we are growing increasingly tired of you" Con to TanaG : ))))


You are a good raider, a great leader, a spectacular troll, & a true master at locking forum pages. Own it.

Are you seriously suggesting that I am the one responsible because I answered comments that were directly attacking my alliance? Does self defense tell anything to you?

But if you really think all that maybe steering up things against S0N on every other thread you start is not such a good idea since I might show up and lock it!

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i think Con locked it.

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Suggesting, no. I am unequivocally stating you are somewhere from 50% - 100% responsible for locking every forum page you have ever been involved in.

& I have a sneaking suspicion you are about to prove my point. : )

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OK.  Enough really.  Alliance war is nothing more than a numbers game...meaning the alliance with the most number of active raiders raiding actively together by "whatever means" wins.  There is no rule that alliance members need to remain in an alliance.  But if an alliance does not raid for a round that is their choice.  There is no "default."  Successful alliances are difficult to maintain.  Kudos to everyone.  Slander and libel are serious legal terms that refer to falsehoods intended to hurt or malign others and are actionable. Son is currently resting.  ERA and FXU and others are not.  Son and Legion can both start new threads.  If this page does get locked,however, it means little to me.  I Just tried to provide a space for posting war statistics and honest dialog without name-calling, threats and the denegration of others.  Clearly TanaG is incapable of self-control in these matters.

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When I saw the title of this thread I thought "That is a really good idea. I will pin that".  After reading it I can see that I was wrong.

I would have thought that the alliance threads getting locked would have served to be a warning to you, but apparently you think that it is everyone else's fault.


We will start banning people's forum accounts for being combative and anti-social.