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Forge Our Own Weapons

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ok, I've offline from the game good time but I've returned with new hope, but I noticed something that was not added, Blacksmithing.
I've made weapons in my backyard before with anything I would find in a real zombie apocalypse, live making a machete out of a broken crowbar or a hunter's knife from a steel railroad nail. yes I know there is limitations but knowing a skill that should be in-game is something that would allow us to make some weapons, but certain ones that are premium weapons will not be forged by us at all. the quality is determined by your highest engineer, but the type of weapon will be costly(seeing a trade off here). if you've seen blacksmiths at work, you know it takes time to forge a weapon, but what about crafting your own personal weapon for certain roles. if you have any ideas or suggestions, I'm open for change. also, if you think on armor as well, one example is armor made out of shovels(not saying, but the metal in shovels is strong)


- Arthron

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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So, you mean something like Crafting? Because that's already implemented
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