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Uni Daily Limit?

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Lately me and all the people in the kongregate server have been wondering whether or not there is a unique drop limit. There have been countless fights over it some saying 8/9 some saying 4/5. Is there even a unique limit per day or what? If you don't know just post your highest number of uni's you gotten in a day so we can at least raise the bar from 4.

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My max drop in a day is 5 uniques in a day. I don't really think a ''unique drop limit'' exists it is just based on nothing but luck. People just aren't lucky enough to get more than 4 or 5 uniques in a day.


Just like how some people think that the 25% quality drop rate don't actually work, it does work... people just aren't lucky enough.

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There is no actual fixed cap on the number of unique items you can find per day.


To the best of my knowledge what does happen is after you find your first rare or unique item the odds of you rolling a second (or more) rare/unique item are sharply reduced for a 24-hour period.  However if you do find a second (or more) rare/unique item the odds are not further reduced (link).   So finding the second doesn't make it harder to find a third (and so on).


If you're able to run lots of missions (i.e. DMU players usually) you can overcome/overwhelm the odds reduction from finding that first rare/unique item.


The unique(s) from Island boxes (and similar sources) do not count toward this reduction so if you haven't found one yet today, and you run the island first it won't "harm" you.




Bottom line, if you run lots of missions you'll find a fair number of rare/unique items.   Of course if you run a lot of missions you'll be running missions in areas a lot lower than you, so those items might not have that much value to you personally, but you'll find them nonetheless.

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