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Tank Balance + Fixes [ Update V0.21 ]

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Lots of focus on balance and fixes for this patch. 
Tanks have been reined in
There were some issues with how well the tanks were behaving with all round types, so we spent a lot of time getting them back in order. 
Here's what to expect:
- AP / Sabot rounds less effective vs infantry
- HE / Canister rounds less effective vs vehicles
- General accuracy lowered
  • Fixed an issue where secondary CROWS units with launchers (AGS30, etc) would not attack some units cause Vehicles to stall and not fire at all
  • Fixed an issue where Support Assets were able to played when locked out using hot keys
  • Fixed an issue where some timed Support Assets that modified support costs would not reset after the duration of the effect
  • Units: AP / Sabot / Refleks rounds for Tanks are now much less effective vs Infantry.
  • Units: Tank aim time increased.
  • Units: Tank round type differences now more apparent.
  • Units: Riflemen - increased health bonuses from unlocks with armor
  • Units: AT Teams launcher range increased.
  • Effects: All vehicle critical hits are now timed (except Ammo Store Hit, which is fatal)
  • Effects: "Immobilized" critical hit removed.
  • Effects: "Main Gun Disabled" critical hit now lasts 30 seconds instead of being permanent.
  • Effects: "Secondary Gun Disabled" critical hit now lasts 60 seconds instead of being permanent.
  • Unlocks: "Long Range Config" RUS Tank - Reduced range bonus.
  • Unlocks: "Refleks" RUS Tank - added resupply penalty to balance range.
Animations and Effects
  • Fixed an issue where turret weapon barrels were aiming at incorrect angles in some circumstances (visual issue)
  • Fixed an issue with some CROWS firing animations not playing
  • New explosion and firing effects for tank weapon variations
  • New audio for tank weapon variations
  • Added UI audio feedback when a unit's reinforcments are depleted
  • Added UI audio feedback for deploying a unit
  • Added UI audio for clicking a locked/depleted unit