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Call me a noob, but I have a question. I have:

A Leader equipped with a "Sighted" Pistol, a Trucker Cap and a Police Ammunition Pouch, and no other equipment

An Engineer equipped with a Clunker, a Tight Cloth Hand Wrap, and no other equipment,

A Medic equipped with a "Sighted" Long Rifle, a Maintained Complete First Aid Bag, and no other equipment,


A Fighter equipped with an "Extended" Long Rifle, and a military ammuniton pouch, and no other equipment. 

How should I adjust the equipment of my survivors to maximize their effectiveness?

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If you only have four survivors then you're still low level.


That being the case I'd ditch the guns and go all melee -- at low level melee weapons are very effective -- and with zero ammo cost you don't have to worry about running out of ammo.  You may want to put the pistol on the medic however, as medics are extremely fragile, and its better if they hang back.  I wouldn't have chosen a medic at this point, as your leader can heal your survivors, but that's water under the bridge at this point.   Furthermore the minimum range circles on the long rifles severely hamper their effectiveness on missions (other than raids on other players and NPC raider compounds).   If you really want to use guns get a good AR556 (assault rifle).  The low ammo cost and reasonably high rate of fire will serve you well through the mid-to-high teens.  


I wouldn't ditch the long rifles completely though.   You need long rifles on compound defense.  Defense should be all guns (no ammo cost + range).  Again though, you need to be cognizant of the minimum range circles and have a few firearms equipped without them, so you can deal with zombies that manage to get in close.  AT low levels, it's usually assault rifles -- at higher levels it's light machine guns (LMGs).

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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if that's all the weapons and gear you have, then all I could recommend is to swap the rifle from the medic with the pistol of the leader.
If you have more gear, I would give my best melee weapon to the fighter, with gear that have either health or move speed, and give the ammo pouch to the medic (you have two survivors that can heal, and healing speed is not too critical).
Try to get as high DPS as possible
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