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Game Assets And Missions Not Loading

loading in-game commsmg missions icons

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For the past week or so, I cannot run manual missions at all, starting a mission sends me to the usual mission loading screen with the timeline where I wait indefinitely. Auto missions, however, are instantaneous, and my survivors come back after the return time with items as usual.


When I go online for the first time, the game's initial loading screen loads normally, everything seems fine. Compound loading usually takes a while, but eventually succeeds, sometimes it takes forever and I have to refresh.


When it does load, in my compound, buildings show up as blue squares, they do not seem to load as I've waited for very long periods for them to no avail. I can still interact with buildings, move them, and refill my fuel generator, though. Items in my inventory continue loading for eternity. Book and alliance boost icons in the upper left hand corner of the screen load successfully after a bit, but the actual book icons within my inventory do not load.


I still get survivor requests and infected compound attack notifications, however, when I click "Bring it on" in the notification, every single building within my compound successfully loads for the attack, items in my inventory begin to load their icons too. While it appears that everything is back to normal after compound attacks, missions still do not load, as I've recently attempted to play a manual mission in the level 1 convenience store, and became stuck on the mission loading screen as usual.


I can still donate resources for Alliance tasks, view tasks, bounties, etc.


I've cleared my browser cache at one point, but when loading the game, it got stuck at connecting to Kongregate. This stopped happening the next time I attempted to play.




I'm hoping to get a response or suggestions.


Also, for convenience's sake, I've pasted my response and information from the Connection Issues and Disconnects subforum below (It was from over a week ago).


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