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Let�s Go For Perfection Shall We

Bows long rifles attack range melee lock in place cloth drops scavenging

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Full disclosure; I have "bought" this game, wich mean that I have payed to have all return times reduced to 5 minutes, wich in my opinion is what makes it worth playing as a continous experience. That said I consider it now on par with a full priced, stand alone title, and thusly I now expect more from it than other completely free-to play titles. 
And please understand that I wouldn´t bother posting any suggestions for a title I didn´t enjoy, or wouldn´t like to see its full potential come to fruition. 
Now to the meat (in order of relevance):
*NO locking in place when healing. Auto attack on, movement off (melee):
The only thing that can beat me during raids is poor control of my units, and to not be able to run away with one that´s being healed
ALWAYS gets me since it requires two actions 1. pull away medic 2. pull way hurt unit 3. we are now dead 
*Reduce return time to original positions after attack (melee). Melee support always in wrong place when attempting to cover ranged survivor.
*Set max attack range for melee movement = max range of teams ranged attack. They always run out of cover range.
*Give us more frequent/or reliable drops of cloth (it´s a frequent bottleneck)
*Lower the ammo cost for long rifles (now they are less cost efficient than bows: ammo cost/noise. But equal in range.
*Make bows fall under the Long rifle category
*Set colour indicators if scavenging in same room/side or another.
*Increase reward for raiding Ai compounds (perhaps f.u.e.l). Risk/reward are currently unbalanced making them pointless. Wasting valuable rescources such as grenades, for nothing.

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