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About Unique Weapon Stats

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Red Leader

Red Leader
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Let's make this topic so that people would know what weapon is worth buying and how much it is worth this is to avoid low bailing that happens to newer players I do not know the important stats on the game myself since I quit 3 years ago so I would like to know more about this topic

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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The trade value of a weapon (or any other item) is pretty much decided by the seller and the buyer, and it can change a lot over time. There is no exact measure, and even in the cases when you have a more or less stable price (for example, premium keys to lvl3 keys), you can see some fluctuations depending on how popular the item is in that moment, its rarity, its usefulness, etc.

Uniques are the least stable items of all. For example, not long ago LRs such as the M107 were worth lots of premium keys (50+ prems), but now you can buy most of them for just a couple of prems (or even lvl3 keys), and are hard to sell. Add to this the considerations about weapon type, level, individual bonuses and presence of counters, and the whole thing gets a lot more complex.

For these reasons, it's not really possible to make a topic about unique prices, since you have no way of knowing if it's still correct. Instead, I recommend to never rush to trade something, ask for price checks in the trade channel and/or lurk for some time before trading to learn the prices of stuff.


What can be said, however, is about the important stats. These may vary from weapon to weapon, but the most sought after are the ones known as "3/3":






In raiding weapons (mostly LRs and LMGs) it's also desirable if they have Suppression.

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The rule of thumb I've always used is:


If I'm unsure of the value of an item, I ask three people I know/trust "is this a good trade?".   If at least two of them say yes, I'll do it.


The prices of unique items is way too volatile as Lana said, items that used to go for a lot are now nearly worthless.


That being said, prices/value rarely change overnight, so if you're unsure/uncomfortable with a trade don't be afraid to walk away and say "I'll think about it".  The more pushy/persistent the other player is, the more likely it's a bad trade (for you).


Bottom line, use some common sense, and happy trading.

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