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Big Patch - V0.25

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We've done a lot of fixing and balancing with this patch. Some fairly significant changes to a number of Supports and Ops. 


Lockout Changes

This is probably the biggest change overall. Lockout will now reset all Unit timers when the Lockout is complete.


This was done to make the lockouts more meaningful. We felt that the old system that allowed the timers to continue unaffected didn't have much impact on players, or even cause them to pause and consider playing a card with a lockout. 




  • Lockouts applied to Units will now restart unit timers when the lockout expires. Some Support Assets that lockout your opponent's units may have had their durations adjusted to account for this change.
  • Fixed an issue where occassionaly the game would become stuck in a black screen if you were disconnected from the server during a game.
  • Fixed an issue where some temporary effects applied via Support Assets were ended immediately after being applied.
  • Fixed an issue where Support Assets that required you to select a Unit or Support Asset (eg. Reinforce) would not register a click if a lockout was active when the asset was initially readied.
  • Unit: Tank base Resupply Time increased from 50 to 55.
  • Unit: LAV + BTR base Resupply Time increased from 37 to 45.
  • Unit: Riflemen - Increased Health by a further 25%.
  • Unit: MG Teams - Increased Health by 15%.
  • Unit: AT Teams - Decreased Health by 15%.
  • Unit: AT Teams - Increased Resupply Timers by 25%.
  • Unit: Sniper Teams - Increased Health by a further 15%.
  • Unit: Assault Teams - Reduced out of cover damage resistance.
  • Unit: Tank and LAV damage vs Vehicles increased by 25%.
  • Unit: Tank and LAV Health reduced by 10%.
  • Support: Adjusted descriptions for a large number of Support and Operations assets and added extra information to the detail pages where applicable.
  • Support: Assets that apply temporary effects now state the duration of the effect in the asset description.
  • Support: Removed the ability stack most effects. Attempting to stack an effect will cause the existing effect to be removed immediately.
  • Support: "Acoustic Attack" - "Slow and mark selected infantry as Targeted for 60 seconds.". This effect no longer stacks.
  • Support: "Charge" - "Deactivate all friendly cover. Increased damage resistance while out of cover for 30 seconds.". Cost reduced to 2, down from 3. Quality increased to Advanced.
  • Support: "Occupy" - "Activate all available cover. Increased damage resistance while in cover for 30 seconds."
  • Support: "Communications Scan" - Renamed to "Launch Prevention", functionality changed to: "Lockout enemy Fire Supports for 60 seconds."
  • Support: "Overwatch" - "Increase range of friendly deployed Sniper Teams for 60 seconds."
  • Support: "Fight Back" - "Costs (1) Supply per friendly Unit. Your Units do more damage for each enemy on the field for 60 seconds."
  • Support: "ECCM" - This asset now correctly cancels opponent countermeasures as intended.
  • Support: "EMP Bomb" - Now destroys all Countermeasures.
  • Support: "Supply Line" - Fixed the cost stated in previous update. Reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Support: "Eliminate Leader" - This asset is now neutral, cost increased from 2 to 4, changed to Network.
  • Support: "Rain of Fire" - Is now Elite.
  • Support: "AH-1 Strafing Run" - Is now Superior.
  • Support: "Priority Artillery" - Now applies a Lockout of 50 seconds.
  • Support: "Stable Fire Speed" - Increased duration from 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Support: "A-10 Warthog" - Fixed damage radius, actually effective vs Vehicles now.
  • Ops: "Armor Superiority" - Fixed an issue where this asset was not applying the Resupply penalty.
  • Ops: "Maximum Caution" - Fixed an issue where this asset was not applying the Resupply penalty.
  • Ops: "Defensive Doctrine" - Reduced cover bonus, increased the incoming damage penalty when out of cover.
  • Unlocks: "M-27" for US MG Teams - Increased movement speed benefit.
  • Unlocks: "Mounted Kit" for MG Teams - Increased aim time, resupply for RUS version.
  • Unlocks: "DsHK" for GAZ-30 - Adjusted bars to reflect true damage.
  • Unlocks: "Kord 6p50" for GAZ-30 - Adjusted bars to reflect true damage.
  • Unlocks: "Reinforcements" for T-90 - Increased Resupply penalty.
  • Equipment: Grenades - Reduced throw accuracy.
  • Equipment: M203 / GP-25 - Increased damage vs Vehicles significantly, reduced time between shots.
  • Fixed an issue where shadows would not be rendered over certain ground areas in some maps (eg. roads).
  • Improved blending between terrain types and overlays (eg. snow patches, roads, etc).
  • Fixed an issue where occlusion shaders were rendering objects that were not occluded (eg. tanks in front of the outpost).
  • Tweaked the effects on occlusion shaders to provide a clearer result and improved rendering performance.
Animation & Effects
  • Fixed an issue where the M72 would not appear in the US AT Team unit's hands.
  • Fixed an issue where the Abrams would appear bright pink when equipped with the 'Alpine' skin.
  • Fixed an issue where the BTR-90 and GAZ-30 would appear bright pink when equipped with the 'Digital Urban' skin. NOTE: Currently this skin is displaying an incorrect texture; this will be fixed in an later patch.
  • Fixed an issue where some in-game audio events were not respecting your mute/volume settings.
  • When a Support Asset is countered, the asset will now have a red background in the playlist
  • If your game client is out of date, the message you receive on login now tells you your client version number alongside the required version number
  • Login error messages are now clearer and more concise and provide text URLs for support and account pages
  • The Store now displays a contextual completion message when a purchase is made
  • Added new error messages for some error codes
  • Updated credits, added open source library licenses
  • Lots of text and language updates