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"buck" Weapons Comparison

easter event weapons crafted

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Now that I finished crafting the new event weapons, and with one more day to try, I thought it could be useful to show how the new weapons behave with different gear.


This comparison was made for my best lvl 45 crafts as equipped by a lvl 55 fighter wearing the following clothes:


   For the shotgun, I equipped a Terror mask with +10% dagame and +10% hit chance.

   For the LR and the bow, I equipped a +10% hit chance mask (I don't have Ranged Combat clothing).

   For both firearms and the bow, I equipped a Sheriff's Hat.

   For the axe, I equipped a Deathshead with +30% Melee Combat and a USA Bandana with +10% melee combat.


First, the original (unequipped) stats:




Now, the stats with damage-increasing gear and clothing:


   For the shotgun and rifle, I used an Ammo Mod with +53% damage.

   For the axe, I used an EXO Heavy BRawler with +25% damage, +20% melee combat and +2.5% APS.

   For the bow, I used rare Arrows with +46% damage.




Finally, using reload speed-increasing gear:


   For the firearms, I used a Carrier Harness with +84% Reload Speed.

   For the bow, I used a Swiftdraw with +66.87% Reload Speed and +41% Ranged Combat.

   The axe is missing, ovbiously.  




If anyone wants to share their crafts and/or combinations it would be great :)

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How many fuel spent? :D
Cute axe for Level 45

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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About 1700 fuel in one account and 500 from the other, plus 2 prems buying weapons and 1 spent for a 50% CoC, didn't use anything else (I don't have alliance bonuses or enough premium keys to open boxes). That includes trading for the weapons and components between accounts and the crafting of several Assault Kits.
By the way, I did crafted some lvl 20 weapons but not all of them, so I couldn't include them in the comparison. Perhaps somebody else could post theirs :)

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I've made only 1 craft of shotgun, but my stats are worse :D I'm not a collector, so I need something useful like Liberty's and I keep all my fuel for events like this. To craft and upgrade at once, so keeping fuel is a good reason for most of players, that's why I asked about it :) thanks for sharing

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