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Major Technical Issue - Pvp

raidraiding disconnect PvP technical problem server support compound war

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Did a 4 man raid earlier today, got Dced, just past halfway into mission (3:41m remaining)

Frustrating, as you guys have all experienced, but what's more strange is I get raided by another raider [ from The_Camando, in this case ] 30 minutes after my disconnect.
I'm sure my last 4 survivors should be in return mode after a disconnect (Other 6 survivors had completed separate raids, and were already in return mode) so not be allowed to compound defend.
A major technical issue if my name is showing up in War tab or Compounds list, with the same 4 survivors 30mins later!
Times were 12:09 - 12:13 GMT 26.04.2017 for Disconnected Raid, and 12:40 GMT 26.04.2017 for Compound Raid
Any answers are welcome. And anyone else had same/similar problem?
Thanks in advance :)

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The only weird thing is that your men were home not that you got attacked,


Sometimes you get an abandoned lockout but men are home the same moment after a disconnect, nothing unusual.


You want your men to be away when people attack you?

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