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Suggestions Of New Units

units suggestion

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Before we actually starting discussion, let's see what cards we have from the original 8.

- Riflemen, all of the basics infantry.
- Assault, defeats the cover campers.
- LMG Team, maximizing how a cover is supposed to be.
- Snipers, excellent combination with cannon fodders.
- AT Team, solving all problems with a single RPG.
- Multipurpose Vehicle, a light jack of all trades.
- IFV, vehicles fighting infantries.
- MBT, beast of the battlefield.

Even though 8 is nice start, but after some mix and matches, only a few units are more viable than others. For instance, only dedicated players will use Snipers, and most others will not use them.

The suggestion here is not to make units like Snipers viable. In fact, these units can stay just with a few tweaks as there will be someone who find them useful to their tactics. However here are some new, interesting units I can suggest so we can do more than a 5/8 mix and match.

01. Elites (i.e. US Rangers)
"When you need an assault but a simple assault is never enough."
Elites infantries comes up with better trained infantries(obviously) and better equipment. It can be a served as a Jack-of-all trades type of infantry. In default, they come up with a Grenade Launcher for multi-purposes. Don't underestimate them, they do better than a normal assault unit. They're an expensive type of unit.
Via upgrades, they squad weapons can change. From Grenade Launchers to Light Machine Gun, Marksman Rifles or even a Anti-Tank launcher(Somehow inferior to those in AT Teams).

Light Machine Gun can make them provide fire support to other infantries and make them more useful in covers.

Marksman Rifles booster their range against enemies, providing a engagement range between a range-upgraded infantry and a sniper. The Marksman's shots are more accurate, too.

Anti-Tank Launcher, obviously, Anti-tank purposes.

02. SpecOps (i.e. Spetsnaz)
"Sneaking onto your back, stabbing you behind."
SpecOps are excellent against infantries. By default, only snipers and vehicles are capable of effectively dealing against SpecOps. They receive superb weapons, and have high accuracy. Even LMG team cannot stand them. They are not good against any vehicles, but they have advantages over infantries. Other infantries will not fire back at SpecOps unless they start firing and being inside their attack range.
Upgrades are nothing too special, however. It is pretty much like what a Riflemen should have, aside all those advantages.

01. Heavy IFVs
"When your IFV isn't enough, this is going to be more than enough."
Stomp your battlefield when the Tank is inferior than your own, nice looking M3 Bradley! 
Heavy IFVs like Bradley and BMP-2 is an excellent replacements of the BTRs and LAV-25s. Although they're more expensive than Normal, lighter IFVs, they have better HP pool and more heavily armored than their light relevant.
Of course, this is not just that simple.
They got ATGMs via upgrades, like you can have RWS against infantries when you're inside your MBT. ATGMs will be able to take on even the heaviest of enemy armor, making it a better all-round vehicle against everything. However, MBTs will still be able to dominate on these vehicles and the suffer from slow ATGM reloads. More to note, ATGM upgrades should nerf their vulnerability. 

That's all I can write for now. If you have any ideas, feel free to write below and I will also review some interesting examples. Feel free to write your feedback too!


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I really like this idea lots of various upgrades and elite infantry they would look cool
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