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1) fog of war-one of many thing that would make this more need more strategy to win is having fog of war where your units are not this will allow you to plan before attack and will make the ennemy have to send units or use speciel card(if you will use it make cards that will give vision for some time) to see what the ennemy planed to be abble to counter it


2)mech counters- sadly one of the biggest problomes of the game that made me wanting to stop playing was how easy was the mech comp(3 mechs, at team and rifelman) making this game feel repetitive and boring but easly to change with adding an close combat anty tank unit something that was used by the germans during ww2 theyy should be fast and equiped with mines and granades to destroy tanks(they can be awsome if you combo them with smoke bomb) 


3)cantroll- alto you have some cantroll on your unit its not enough you should not be needed to use cards to cantroll them a player should be abble to choose if is unit stoped moves goes back or stayed in cover(not shooting while in cover to decrees the damge) 


4)flenk/ambush-one great card addition to the game can be making a unit that in cover in stealth untill you choose to stop this will combo great with the close anti tank unit and would be abble to flank giving strategy much better impact on the game ( a way to counter it will be adding a vision card as i said in the first one that will give you vision of the ennemy troups)


i hope my ideas will be good enought to get into the game i think the game is good and they can make it better

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