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Patch 1.75 Build 2201

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If you would rather have that, I could simply use 5 herc armor and RPK which is insta-win against any but the top 3 on the server.

I already explained my reasoning and as far as insta-reload 107's go I haven't ever tried to get people to not use those, if my standin during my hiatus did so I'd have to discuss it with him. They are not game breaking like some of the bow, melee etc exploits are as far as I am aware.


Why we complain even though we will probably still win any round we want is because we care about the game and how it's played. I would complain even if it would weaken my own position. Hell if RPK raiding got easier with the new changes I am doing it to my own detriment :P Raiding is simply the reason most of SP plays the game.


As for not noticing a change I don't know what to tell you. If you tried raiding at lvl 40 and up where people actually randomly one-shot you perhaps you would, or perhaps if you used tactics not involving just spreading out and clicking attack. I am not judging you, I'm simply saying that might explain why you haven't noticed the change.


Have a great day bud!

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Okay after several raids at lvl 42 I finally got the problem, my man with glasses furthest from defenders gets shot permanently.


Old tactics don't work anymore because all get targeted and the weakest target dies usually.


Attacking from far really became more difficult, targets I used to beat with ease are now a big probelm, glasses on recon not recommended anymore.


Suppression is insane even if you attack from far, I need several smokes to kill defenders, quite challenging and game changing/breaking.

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I did some tests now...


I attacked the hardest compounds on Kongregate of both the richest players and the most experienced raiders available, attacking with RPK and HERC armor by spawning directly in front of the defense structures (as described above).


I used 4 fighters and the leader, equipped with 5 upgraded HERC armors (with a decent + % health crafting boost) and 5 RPK (3/3), dealing 5340 dps in total. I used different masks, combat standards and helmets.


To cut a long story short: I did beat every of those compounds. But it's both stupid and makes PvP more frustrating, not more fun, at least in my opinion. All you have to do is to spawn, wait, throw a smoke grenade, wait. Then take the flag.

No effort, no challenge. The ratio is fine: 100+ war points almost guarenteed for an attack with 5 survivors, that's not bad at all. And it's pretty hard for any player to defend against that.


This kind of attack is so successful – and almost necessary – because of the new defender's AI, I'd say. On the one hand, other attacks became harder, because you can't use tanks in an efficient way anymore, if the defenders just attack all of your attackers, not just the tanks. On the other hand, this kind of attack became easier and more successful, because the defenders don't focus on one attacker anymore, this is suppress and kill them one by one. They just lower the amazingly high amount of health on every attacker a bit.


This leads to a point where skill and practice do not matter much anymore. I'd actually prefer a kind of PvP in which this was the case.


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