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Scenery - Refinery Oil

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Max the one eyed

Max the one eyed
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By exploiting the -magnificent- stadium mechanics, I would like to find a small oil well at the city limits, as there are many in the real city of Los Angeles.

Basically occuping and holding the oil well and defending it by other players who would like to catch it.

The reward? Every 60 minutes the player who defend it is rewarded with 100 FUELL. The defender must occupy the scene as if it were his compound.

...And leave defenseless his real compound, obviously...

Ever character in the landscape can not eat, sleep, shower or... defecating, so their morals should progressively fall down when time goes by (every hour).


Here's how to give a new meaning to the raiders!

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I can see some problems with your idea.


The first one (and most important) is that the game does not allow two players to interact in the same map at the same time, so either you would fight against AI or you just would send your survivors to be there overnight.

Also, there are many ways this could be exploited for fuel farm:


-What happens if nobody attacks you? You didn't mention any reward for the raiders. What's stopping everybody to just place their survivors there and farming fuel?

-If you include a worthy reward, a whole hour of being raided is excessive for a defender, much more with the morale reduction. It could easily turn out to be impossible to win any fuel, or too easy to win a lot of fuel.

-If you just give raiders the fuel the defender has collected so far as a prize, how could you prevent a player raiding himself with an alt to steal his own fuel?

-If you give them something else, what could be so good that prevents them from being defenders as well?

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