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after new patch coming i see a lot Different  but some charge is not good with it like "Gear Equipment" : Heavy Offensive Kit - Charge from "Reduce Movement Speed" to "Reduce Reinforcement" i not satisfied with it when you already reduce units RU/US Assault  Reinforcement to 5 from 7 and Rifleman too some gear is reduce Reinforcement like 'Light grenadier kit' and 'Heavy grenadier kit' is make units wastes and low manpower numerous. This need to fix and Charge as Follow :
Units : USA/RUS Assault - "Heavy Offensive Kit" Charge Reduce Reinforcement to Reduce Movement Speed again or increase resupply time.
Units : USA/RUS Riflemen - "Support Fire Kit, Heavy Fire Support, Heavy Offensive Kit and Heavy Greandier Kit" charge Reduce Reinforcement to something else like reduce movement speed or increase resupply time.
Units : USA/RUS Tank - "Scout Config" increase health 10% benefit when equip 
Units : USA/RUS Tank - "Long Range Config and Support Config" increase health 5% benefit when equip

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