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Difference On Upgrades-help Pls

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can someone help me to understand the difference between disruptor config and countermeasure on RU t-90. 

countermeasure prevent network assets only and dis config does the same thing. u can still be hit with fire support. so is there any difference??  can someone help me pls. tnx

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This reply might be a little bit too late.

The distruptor config prevents your tank from being TARGETED while the Countermeasure Training makes your tank immune to all network assets.


Not sure about the fire support because I don't have all the support assets yet and I don't quite understand it but I believe fire support (like artillery?) targets the ground not the tank.

I forgot if repair drop is a network or logistic type but I can't repair my own tank because I installed that dis config. Never facepalmed harder in my life XD

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