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Challenge Missions


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Now... we all know that we have already have tasks/achievements which can be done in the dead zone to earn XP and other stuff. But, I feel that none of them require/ask the player to perform epic feats (and No, completing an Infected Bounty/Survivor request is not an Epic Feat). My Suggestion??? There should be daily challenge missions players to do, or at the very least, challenges for players to do in general. Whether it's meeting certain requirements during missions, beating missions in certain amounts of time (this could be made competitive), or even playing missions in a certain way. Below I've got a few interesting challenges to give an idea of what these challenges might look like. There could even be a small reward for completing these challenges. Perhaps similar to the Infected Bounty Box, I'd Call it the Challenge Reward Box - A reward for the brave individuals for achieving what many thought was impossible.


POSSIBLE Challenge Missions: 


Mission Impossible - Successfully Complete 5 missions where the probability of succeeding it was VERY LOW, and 100% Scavenge was accomplished. 


All I do is Win - Successfully complete 5 missions in a row, where 100% Scavenged was achieved in each mission. 


One Man Band - With the "guitar" weapon equipped, or some variation of it, run a successful mission with one survivor where the probability of succeeding it was very low, or low, and 100% Scavenged Was Achieved. 


Battle Scars (Alliance Only) - Raid an enemy Alliance member using Only Scar-H's as weapons, or some variations of the Scar-H, and successfully take their flag. 


Mine Sweeper - During a raid, have your survivors  run past 5 explosive traps, without diffusing them, and survive. 


Scrappin  - Kill 10 hostile survivors with melee weapons 


Down, but not out - have a downed survivor kill 1 one infected within 10 seconds after his/her death. 


Mass Inspection (Alliance Only) - Raid members of your alliance 5 times. 


Suicide Squad - Run 5 missions with 5 survivors each, with the probability of succeeding it being Very Low. And Achieve 100% Scavenge. 


I'm Unique - Run 20 Missions with Unique quality items equipped.


True Warrior  - Run 20 missions with melee equipped.


Long Distance Fighting - Run 20 missions with projectile weapons equipped


Prayer - successfully complete an automated mission with a Very Low chance of succeeding it.


I'll take a #22 Large - Run 5 successful  missions where all survivors were equipped with the Lawson .22 Pistol;  The probability of succeeding it was low or very low; and where 100% Scavenge was achieved. 


Clean Get-a-way: Run 1 successful  mission with a very low probability of succeeding it, where 100%  scavenged was achieved and no injuries were sustained. 


Perfection!!! - Successfully (a successful mission also means 100% Scavenged was accomplished) complete a mission with a very low probability chance, and where no damage was taken. 


Fast Life - Successfully complete 5 missions where 100% Scavenged was accomplished in less than 15 seconds. 


He took too long - Beat a friend's best time for a successful  mission. 


Dead Zone Lover - Spend 1 hour (consecutively) in the game (restarts when the game is refreshed). 


Violence is not the Answer (Alliance Only) - Earn 50 War Points by doing missions. 


Legion Of Mercenaries (Alliance Only) - Capture 30 Flags with only melee weapons equipped. 


Suicide Bomber - During a mission, have a survivor place down an Improvised Bomb, stay within it's effective range, and survive the blast, 2 times. 


Smoking addiction - Throw 5 Smoke Grenades during a mission/raid. 


Fredswar4 (Alliance Only) - During a war round, score at least 2600 War Points. 


CAG's Kitchen - Kill over 1000 Infected with Kitchen Knives. 


I've got no time for you! - Successfully complete a mission with a very low probability of completing it, without killing any infected, or losing any survivors. 


I own these Streets - Run a successful mission on every location in an area/part of Union City (such as 100% Location Completion on the Riverside North Area) 

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Feel Free to comment/make suggestions on this. Even suggest challenges of your own if you want. I think players would have a lot of fun doing stuff like this, it offers a nice challenge, and a nice reward to top em off. After completing a set # of challenges, players would be able to collect a Challenge Box. The Way I see it, these challenges could either be refreshed after a set period of time (Similar to the monthly tasks), or they could be refreshed after they're completed after a set amount of time (similar to the Infected Bounty Boxes) 

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