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Are You Joking?

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Do you really expect people to play this game when you can't do most anything without paying real cash for fuel?


Like, I want to craft something so I can actually defend against other people and you expect me to pay for that? Yeah, no. Shame, this game was fun. Have fun failing.

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The game has been running for 5+ years now, and is still being updated (a sign of success, not failure) so they must be doing something right.


The best weapons/gear for raiding (both offense and defense) are found weapons (i.e. drops in the deadzone) with a new notable exceptions, and even those exceptions can be heavily discounted with the right books/boosts.

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  In all fairness to the devs , this game has many chances and different ways to get the premium currency (fuel) for free, without ever having to pay a single dollar on the game.  You do not need to buy  fuel to play the game and be successful, the fuel just makes your progress a little bit easier..  The free fuel is easy to save up and builds up quickly if you are patient... Most players save up their fuel between in game events, so they have enough to craft with when a new event starts... 


 Also, in a time of thousands of browser based games coming and going, this game has been around for 5 years now, so they are doing something right and have a strong loyal fan base, who do not mind spending a few dollars here and there to support the game..

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Well, this was dumb.

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