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Possible New Units

New Units

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Below are a couple of a new Units which I wouldn't mind seeing in the game. 


Signaler - Purpose: To allow the commander (player) to access the support call menu/options and choose support calls. This solider would be a critical asset for players as this guy allows players to use support. Upgrading him allows for support calls to be made faster and also increases the overall effectiveness of these support calls  (this introduces the idea of support calls taking time before they are done. This makes sense since there is a lot of time and communication done  to make these calls in the real world.) 


This unit spawns in groups of one, and is a rear guard type unit. In other words, this unit would be placed in the far back in most situations, since he'd be a high priority target (this also introduces the idea of units prioritizing their targets, they don't already). Players only start with being able to spawn one of these guys too. This guy would be armed with a Mac-11. 


Officer - Purpose: To give his subordinates (basically all other troops with lower rank than him) orders, and increase their combat effectiveness. This guy has an aura like effect, and increases the damage of all units near him. This unit can also increase other stats of the units near him. Like the signaler, this guy only spawns in groups of one, but this couldn't be increased. This guy is needed for other units to use their special ability/weapon, if they have one.  (this idea introduces the feature of units having special weapons which they can use, once per unit, if something like this isn't already in the game. For example, Infantry men using an under-barrel grenade launcher attachment against an enemy unit, when given the order to do from their field officer).  This guy is armed with a M1911 pistol (this what I'd like him to be armed with), and shoots it with one hand, sort of wanna-be-gangster like.  This guy is best placed near the rear of the assault/ or at the very least, away from the front lines, as as mentioned earlier he is a high priority target.  Upgrading him increases the effect of his Aura, and the player can also make it so that his Aura provides additional effects. 


Engineer -  Purpose:  Repairs constructions and  Vehicle Based Units over time. This guy is equipped with a Tec-9 , and the unit is spawned in 3's, he's the only guy which can be made to destroy constructions  intentionally. He's armed with C4 and does the most damage against constructions, however, he has to get very close to the construction he's trying to destroy and then get faraway so that he doesn't get caught in the blast.  He has an aura like effect which repairs nearby vehicles gradually over time, as well as friendly constructions. He can't repair constructions that have been destroyed, but he can repair constructions that have sustained damage. He can be upgraded to increase the rate at which he repairs things. 


Medic - Purpose - To heal Infantry and other troops which have sustained damage over time. This unit DOESN'T fight , she's (yes... "she") there soley for humanitarian purposes. This unit has an Aura like effect, which heals nearby troops. Of course, this unit could be equipped to fight and if it were, I'd like it if they were to equip a SCAR-H. My reason for not equipping them is to give the player the feel that this unit isn't concerned with harming other human beings, just treating them to the best of it's ability. 

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For any of you wanting to look at my suggestion for the PvP system. It's still in progress, but your feedback and upvotes are always appreciated!!!!


Ideas such as base customization, and very good ideas on what the PvP could be found there as well.

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Good idea actually but i think they could use some improvements.

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