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New Combat Options


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Below is a list of New Button Controls Which I wouldn't mind having in the game. I've taken the liberty of thinking of possible buttons or button combinations to perform for some of these tasks. 



Precision Movements - Purpose: To allow players the ability to have precision movement using the computer mouse. To use this, You would Hold down the Space Bar. The selected survivor(s) would then move to the location of the mouse. VERY useful in PvP combat. Where miss clicks have led to failure of many raids. This would actually replace the current click and move feature in PvP combat. This could also work for PvE combat as well. 


CEASE FIRE - Purpose: To allow the player to cease the Fire of the selected survivor(s). This would cause the selected survivor to stop firing his/her weapon. Excellent to have in PvP combat. HOTKEY: P. To stop the fire of all survivors P + O, or PO. A Random survivor would shout "HOLD YOUR FIRE!!!" when this command was given. 


RAPID FIRE - Purpose: To allow the player to have his survivors shoot continuously at hostile forces without ducking into cover periodically. Currently, when survivors are in cover, and they are asked to shoot at a hostile survivor, they will duck into cover periodically. This is very annoying, and the only way to get the survivor to shoot continuously without him/her ducking into cover periodically is to move the survivor out of a covered position and into the open.  


Group Selection - Purpose: To Allow the player to select multiple  survivors to perform one task or tasks simultaneously. Players hold down the hotkey(s) and then click on the survivors which they want to perform a specific task. There is also a SELECT ALL hot key for this as well.  For Scavenging a location, the survivor with the highest scavenge speed/skill would scavenge the container, and the rest would move within close proximity of the container that the one survivor was scavenging.  For tasks such as Diffusing, the Survivor with the highest trap disarming skill would attempt to disarm the trap, while the other survivors would move close as possible to the survivor disarming the trap, so that the trap would not go off. For Tasks such as attacking a selected enemy, once a clear LOS was established, the selected survivors would attack the enemy. The same logic applies for other tasks as well.  The ultimate effectiveness of Group Selection relies solely on the player. 


(Subject To Change*)

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