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Revealing Top Raiders Of The Week

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Every week war is always on with one day to rest and the other days to raid .


Within the war the top alliances struggle to be in the top 3 alliances to get their top raiders a percentage of the reward.

Therefore , raiders do their best to get the best team and to be the best themselves to get a reward which makes the

Top 3 alliance the main target of all alliances , which is why people do their best to get fuel but in order to do that you

need to have a a good alliance and this is where this idea comes in.


Good raiders from weak alliances eventually will transfer to the top 3 best alliances which leaves behind the other alliances

instead of trying but they will transfer and look for good alliances . Their purpose for transferring is to get a percentage of

that top alliance's reward fuel for themselves to earn . But what if we add a new leader board of Top 10 best raiders of the

week and giving a bit of fuel reward of those who get in that list which makes good raiders from weak alliances lessen their

possibility of just transferring to the best alliances and try to get fuel from top 3 alliance's fuel distribution percentage .

Which makes more alliances to have good players instead of only 3 alliances always  taking the top 3 list which makes

other alliance just audience.


Making this so called "Top Raiders Of the week" leader board will have more pros than cons because of course there is no

such thing as a perfect decision .


I will only list down the pros of this idea because i know that there would be also some cons but it's up to you to consider them


Pros :


- Main good thing is that there will be more scattered good players which makes the top 3 a good competition instead of a cheer dance competition for the remaining alliances


- Players who created their own alliances but have problem in getting in top 3 alliances because of the lack of good players since almost 90% of the good players are in top 3 alliances which makes the list just strive for top 3 or top 4 which is sad for other alliances . But with this idea the leaders or the few players who love to stay in their alliance because of their friends but wants to earn fuel can now get fuel with their basic alliance by just raiding to be in top 10 best 


- With this idea the game can distribute more encouragement for players because of the new added reason to play even more and might even "pay" even more :)


- If this leader board is as updated as that alliance board which shows the progression of the players in top 10 which makes those who are or aren't in the top 10 board even try harder or in easier terms , it makes the tension and competition of players in game and makes it even more fun


- Players that gets in top 10 will gain fame for example the first raider goes in trade everyone would be like "deym , that guy is first raider last week... he good bruh .. he good" which benefits the good players of course and makes "fame" a  reason to strive for top 10 and again .. it increases the tension and competition of players in game.


-There are other good things about this idea and feel free to add in comments and support.




- I leave this to the people in comments which knows best about spotting Cons in ideas.. 




May this suggestion reach the minds of the developers

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any alliance still can get fuels from warbox atleast. If want more fuels need fight for top 3. What you need is an alliance and find a good raiders, or you also can be the one. 1st place is hard to get but 2nd place and 3rd is easy when your alliance all teamwork to raid.

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Fred you didn't beat a top 3 alliance. You beat me and 1 other raider with no alts 1 week.
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I believe this is a good idea, not the part of give rewards to the top 10 raiders, or sort a reward between the top 50 raiders, but the part of create an statistic that show the top 100 raiders of the week.


That would be really nice to see. I'm sure it's not hard develop that, only consolidate what every alliance already has and create a top 100 raiders weekly statistic for the public. 

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