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Jack's Last Stand.

PvENew Feature

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" So you've made it this far, I see? Running, Hiding, Fighting for your very survival each and every day? Funny how you've progressed so far since the apocalypse began. You started off by yourself. Found an abandoned compound to call your new home. You found others, trying to survive just like you, who were also immune to the virus. You took them in, trained them, to meet a various amount of needs in your compound, and to help make life better for everyone in your group. Soon, these people were assisting you in tasks, with unconditional loyalty. They would never back down, or waver in even the most perilous situations imaginable. You formed a family, held by bonds stronger than blood itself. However, you weren't the only one to do such. You knew very well that there were other Compounds, just like yours, with survivors just like yours, ran by leaders just like you. How did you know? It was more of a gut-instinct really. If you were able to form a group of survivors and find a safe hide out to survive to apocalypse, Surely other people were able to do the same. Of course, this feeling was confirmed when you actually met a group of different survivors. You might've helped some of these other groups. You might have attacked them. Or you might have left them alone. You might've formed an Alliance between other groups of survivors. Your alliance, then may have taken part in wars against other survivors for precious, limited resources within the Dead zone, or your alliance might have been peaceful, focusing solely on promoting the quality and development of all of the different survivor groups within it's alliance. Of course, you not have been in an alliance at all, but I'll digress that and skip straight to the point, for I've no intention to waist your time with small talk about your past since the apocalypse.

My name is Jack. You might have heard of me before, you might have not. It's been over 5 years since the Apocalypse began. And since then, we've just sitting here. Waking up- Killing- Scavenging Locations for Needed Resources- Defending against infected attacks and attacks from hostile survivor groups- and then going to sleep, only to repeat the same vicious cycle when we wake up the next day.... If we're lucky enough to live to see another day that is.

Why do we live in fear of the infected, when we are immune to the virus? Are we not faster, Stronger, and Smarter than them? I say it's about time we take a stand, and rise up against these undead monsters! No more living in fear. No more attacking each other. The Homeland Environmental Risk Control Agency along with Government Forces gave up on us, several years ago, and declared the city a dead zone. But have we? No. We never lost the hope that one day, this apocalypse would end. This hope gave us the will to carry on all these years, but with 5th year passing by, I feel it's about time we make our own move, and end it ourselves.... one Infected Human At a time... Meet me at my compound, whenever you're ready. Bring as many of your guys as you'd like. We'll set up a defense, to defend against the infected hoard, and don't worry, I already have the materials for these defensive structures, you just tell me where you think they should be set. Make sure you and your group come heavily armed. I'll shoot a flare into the Air, so bright, and loud, that every Infected in Union City would be able to sense the light from the flare on their rotting flesh, and feel the vibrations produced by the sound waves in their rotting skulls.

I'll keep track of all of the infected you're group kills. We're only going to do this once a day. So that you and you're group can have time to restock on ammo, and do other tasks. Do a Good Job, and I'll give you a one-of-a-kind items... Stuff you can't find anywhere else in this City.

From this day forward, we begin to take back our city... From this day forward... We begin, our Last Stand.... "


NEW LOCATION: The Last Stand: Dead Zone. You must be at least level 45 to access this location. 

DESCRIPTION: Jack needs your help in making a dent to the overall infected population, join him, in this epic battle against endless hordes of Infected.

HOW TO PLAY: The Player is able to equip as many of her survivors as he/she wants. The ammo cost is in effect here, but Jack has provided traps and defensive buildings for the Player to use to his/her advantage.The Player can access these structures via an upgrade menu which I'll talk more about later in the post. The Player Gets to Place these Defensive structures wherever he/she wants to, so long as it is within a valid build area, the player can then assign his/her survivors to defensive positions. The Player also gets to determine where jack is placed. Once the player is ready, he/she can go ahead and tell jack to launch the flare via the "BEGIN LAST STAND" option. The Infected Attack the Survivors in Waves. There is a special menu called "UPGRADES" which a player can use in between these Waves. The level of the infected hoard increases by 1, for each wave that the player survives. The level of infected hoard starts at 50, for wave one. This means that by wave 22, the level of Infected hoard will be 71.

From the Upgrade Menu the player can access a lot of useful things, such as Defensive Structures, Traps, AI Survivor Guards, and even weapons. However, these upgrades aren't free. They Cost TACTICAL POINTS. Tactical points are earned for every wave survived. The Number of Tactical Points earned per wave, Y, is equal to wave number, X. More you purchase an upgrade, the more it costs to upgrade it, or buy it. Tactical Points are also needed to repair destroyed structures.

AI personnel can be purchased from this menu. They can then be assigned to a defensive position. These are Jack's guys, and cannot be healed, and moved once they are placed., they cannot be moved.

LIST OF SOME* UPGRADES/Defensive Structures:

Rally Flag - Cost: Free. Build Limit: 5.

Jack Tower (Special Watchtower) Cost: 5 Tactical Points. +An additional 10 for each time it is bought.

Wire Trap: Cost: 5 Tactical Points, + An additional 5 for each time it is bought. Upgrade Cost - 5 Tactical Points + An additional 5 for each time it is upgraded.

AI Riflemen - Cost: 20 Tactical Points. Static Once Placed. Cannot Be healed.

Small Barricade - Cost - 10 Tactical Points, + An additional 5 for each time it is Bought.

SUCCEED OR FAIL: During the down time in-between waves, a player has access to the "Return to Compound" (RTC Option) Option. He/she can use this option whenever he/she wants to, and the mission will be counted as a success, HOWEVER, Rewards are not given for successfully completing the mission. They are based on the total amount of new waves that the player has made it through, for his/her successful mission.

For example, Player A, on his 1st run makes it through 30 waves, than selects the RTC option. He earns a total of 3 Reward items, and 150 fuel. On his 2nd run, he makes it through 20 waves , then selects the RTC option. He earns no Reward items, and no fuel.

A player fails this mission if: 1) Jack Dies ,because he's the one who's rewarding you for this mission!!, OR 2) All of the Players survivors are downed ,because Jack can't give you a reward if there's no one left to claim it. This adds a risky gamble effect to this new game mode. Will you risk it all, and proceed to the next wave??? Or will you play it cool, and settle with what you've earned so far.



Reward items are given for every new 10 waves survived. So if you make it through 10 waves on your 1st try, you'll need to make it through 20 on your next run to get your next reward.  +5 fuel is earned for every new wave survived. So if you make it through 10 waves on your 1st try, You'll earn 50 fuel. If you make it through 11 waves on your second try, you'll earn just 5 fuel. 


ABOUT THE REWARD ITEMS: These are one-of-a-kind reward items Which CAN'T be found anywhere else in the dead zone. Some of these are Weapons that are Player vs. Environment Only. (Cannot be Equipped During Raids). Some are cool Defensive Structures, which can be upgraded. Some are interactive misc items. I'll let you guys comment/add suggestions to this list. Non of these items are trade-able 


Some Possible Reward Items:


Radio with CD Player - An Interactive MISC item which allows the Player to listen to his/her favorite in-game background music. There are no radio broadcasts, but Jack has given you a copy of a CD with his favorite Jams on it., so that you can have something to listen to. 


M79 Grenade Launcher (PvE only)- Single Shot Grenade Launcher. Can't be used against other Survivors, simply because you're under oath not to. "No more attacking each other". 




Sentry Gun - Automated Turret, which Jack found on the outskirts of the city. He's programmed it to attack infected. Acts as a Trap, Similar to the WOM. 


Jack Tower - Named After Jack himself, the designer of this tower.  (I'll let you all post some ideas of what this watchtower might look like). He's given you the attachable parts, along with assembly instructions. You can build up to three. 


Technical - Defensive Truck Position, with a mounted Heavy Machine Gun On top. Jack's giving you his old one, he doesn't need it any more. You can swap out the HMG with one of your own, whenever you'd like. It' runs on electricity, so it doesn't need fuel. It's slow, so it doesn't speed up return times by much.. 10% at best. Players can equip this for missions. For missions that take place outside, the survivors will spawn near the truck. and the player can select one survivor to man the mounted heavy machine gun. For missions that place inside, the truck does not spawn. It still speeds up the mission return time though. 


Light and Darkness - Jack's favorite Pistols. Comes with Dual Wield action. These are two .50 caliber pistols which Jack crafted himself. He's giving you these because he can always make more. 


Throwing Stars - Jack's favorite Stealth Weapons. 


Suicide Vest - Jack found this off of some infected back at the Stadium. Stuffed with C4 and improvised explosives. Explodes upon death. 


L96 Sniper Rifle - An Old Hunting Rifle which Jack has had for quite sometime.








There are two leader boards for this. There is a weekly leader board, and then there is a Lifetime Leader Board. 


The Weekly leaderboard shows the highest number of waves each player on the list has survived for the current week. There is a small, 50 fuel bonus for being in the top 10 on this board at the end of every week. 


The Lifetime leaderboard shows the highest number of waves each player on the list has survived, in their entire career. 


(Subject to Change*)

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