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Side Quest For The Union Island

side quests its just and idea bruh ppl need to chill b4 reading pls no hate state your opinion here

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Luke Ridiculous

Luke Ridiculous
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I find them boring now and I honestly wish there were side quest in the island because after you've completed the only objective it gets pretty boring after that so I've devised (currently) 2 side quests:


for the infected variants:

1.)kill 135(or how many you like) infected

for the raiding variants:

1.)incapacitate all HERC personnel/soldiers present


of course there needs to be a reward at the end(of the raid,yes the whole island raid) so I've also made one for that:50 fuel


how do you got that 50 fuel?

well if you finished ALL of side quests,you'll be able to secure one of the fuel generators present there at the compound and produce/harvest what you can carry home(idk why the HERC needed a FUEL gen but hey atleast you got a reward for all of the effort you've paid to make this far and finish the side quest given to you)


this could have a link to some event if ever(I mean ever) implemented(it could be HERC building a better FUEL gen or whatever the devs go through their mind/s)

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