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I moved this post here, since I felt it was more of general idea . I didn't a forum just for ideas about the forum. 


Sorry If I'm using the wrong forum for this idea, but since it relates to the game, I think it's ok. I was reading the forums for some other game, and I noticed that forum posts that were made by the developers had a "DEV" tag on it. I also noticed that forums which had replies from the Developers had a "DEV" tag on them to (players were even given the option to go directly to their reply on the forum post). My Suggestion? Perhaps there should be feature which shows posts that the Developers either made or replied to. This Tag would be placed right beside the Topic Title, similar to the "PINNED" tag for pinned topics, and very similar to the screenshot below.




Again, I apologize if I'm using the wrong forum here, and I'd appreciate it if someone were to tell me the proper forum to use, if I'm using the incorrect forum for a post like this. However, this would be an excellent idea for this forum, and It'd make getting feedback from the game developers on ideas very easy to find. 


This indirectly relates to the game because it's about making posts/comments made by the developers for ideas on the game easier to find (sorry for redundancy).


Also, players who see this tag will probably be encouraged to read to the post, with the tag (because it stands out). 

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