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A Few Suggestion


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Hello everyone at the forum, i've been playing dead zone for 3 years, always love Con, the community and his games.


Today i want to suggest a few ideas to the game, just to add more way of doing stealth and how to make the weapon or book, for example lone wolf and bows more viable to be equipped. Now, this may be pretty ridiculous, and i understand if the dev team is very busy to not notice this, or do anything since it the ideas itself is not so great. Or it may require HUGE revamp of the game itself.


Because of this, i'm gonna leave it as point for easy read.


-Remove the random horde chances

-Remove the ability for zeds to spawn close to survivors

-Add noise generation like TLS:Union City

-Make it so that amno is more rarer

-Add noise generated structure


Now, i will explain why the things above is suggested.


-In my opinion based on 1 and 3 , when i try to do 2 man, equipped with stealth weapon to loot nearby stores, a horde can ruin the run by appearing because it is completely random, and then i have to abandon said run and wait for 4 hours.To me, it isn't exactly fun, failing because lady luck wasn't exactly at your side during that time. With the game punish you for no reason. My opinion is that we should scale it like what Union City does, 


(bigger gun = big horde)


Like for example, if you bring the biggest baddest guns in the Dead Zone, you want to make sure you attracted every dang zeds just to spray lead at em, you don't care about waves, you just want to kill em all.


But then you want to go stealthy by using those bows nobody uses and the melee or silenced guns, you just want to loot stuff and get out


So i think we should have noise meter as a measurement to spawning a horde, that way, there will be two playstyle, stealthy and lead flavoured spam.


-As for point 2, i mainly fixed my survivors position to well entrench area and uses them as distraction for hordes while my scav/med loot silently far away. As said looting was going on thou, suddenly zombies coming from the crack that wasn't even near said noise from LMG's fires and attacked my scav/med.


I think it can and should be fix by having said zeds ignore the one that wasn't making the noises, (i mean, its pretty logical right?) or atleast make it so the holes that was near the noises spawn zeds (It be one hell of a programming thou)


-Now for 4, this one is pretty minor thinking, it's mostly just for stealth playstyle to be more viable, like seriously, where do people been getting those amno they spend daily for LMG's and heavy caliber sniper?


-And as for 5, it's the same as 4, just to add more tactics to the game as a whole.


Sorry for my bad english, it isn't my native language.


It's mostly just suggestion, nothing serious, and i want to see the game to be more prosperous with its contents.


Thank you guys for reading this, and thank you especially to Con and his staff for making this game. I loved it.


Anyway, i liked to hear your opinion about this, if it's great or not, maybe it get updated to the game itself (ye never know)






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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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This makes no sense. If you are sending few survivors with low-powered weapons, obviously you are taking a bet to run more missions a day, risking that they get overrun. Large zones of higher levels require more survivors with better equipment because the reward is higher, and 1-or2 man missions are a luxury, not a necessity. Removing the random rushes would make the game less fun for everybody.
Aldo, the zombies act not only on noise, but on sight (smell?) too, so it's not too far-fetched. That's why you never should leave one of your survivors away from the rest.
It's not a problem with the game, but with the tactics you are using.

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