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Anti/counter Support Units

New Units

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I believe that there should be units, dedicated to countering the support calls that a player or the AI uses. This is to add some strategy to the game, when using support calls. These Units could also serve to attack other units. 






Mobile Anti Air Support. . PURPOSE: To gun down enemy aerial support. This unit will destroy/counter/prevent Aerial related support calls done within its effective range. If aerial units were to be added, this would also attack aerial units. Does little damage against ground based units. 


(US Variant - M163 VADS (Vulcan Air Defense System). 




(Russian Variant ( 2S6 Tunguska 2K22 )




Anti Air Team. Purpose: To gun down enemy aerial support. Similar to the armor based Anti Air Units only this unit has a reload/cool down timer. Consists of 2 Guys carrying Missile Launchers capable of locking onto Aircraft, covered by 2 guys with M16A4's for the US and AK-74s for the Russians. The US variant carries a stinger. The Russian Variant Carries an SA-18 igla


(U.S. Varriant)






(Russian Varriant)






I'll add more for land based support calls as I get more ideas. 



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