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Error Code/message Glossary

Error Codes

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I'd appreciate it if the Devs make a list consisting of all of the error codes and error messages currently in the game, and provide a list explaining what each codes means, what could have possibly caused these errors to happen, and what to do to fix, solve, and prevent these errors from happening. Below is an example of what this might look like. Con would open a forum called "ERROR CODE AND MESSAGE INFORMATION"


I'd love to have an explanation as to why I'm unable to connect at times. 



EXEMPLAR Error Code/Message List/Glossary



Error Code X - Meaning of Error Code X. How error code X is caused. How to resolve/prevent error Code X from happening again in the future. Information on who/what to contact if error code X persists after taking the appropriate steps to prevent this from happening. 



My assumption is that the devs already have a list of each error code in the game, along with its meaning. If this is the case, it'd be quite easy to implement such a list to the forums for this game. If possible, I'd like if the developers do this for for the Dead Zone game too. 

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