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High Activity Zone Items

High Activity Zones

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I believe that there should be craft-able/build-able items which require components which can only be found in High Activity Zones. 


My reason for this is to give the High Activity Zones (HAZ's) more worth. A slight* increase in the chance to find quality items  is not enough. Actually, I've heard that many people aren't finding much quality loot from these new zones.  


I personally don't like the fact that gear/weapons I find are generally +5 levels higher than me. This means that I'll have to wait awhile before I can use the weapons/items/gear that I find in these zones, and then I'll have to wait and even longer time before all of my survivors can use many of the loot that they find in these zones. 


But Back to the point... 1st Off, There will need to be  components which can only be found in High Activity Zones. 


They could use the HAZ Event Components, and add a few more. Unlike in the event, these HAZ components can only be found in HAZ's. 


Below are some ideas of what cool HAZ Items could be crafted. I've numbered them. Please feel free to comment/edit on my ideas and/or even give suggestions of your own. 






Based on the HAZ Event, these items will require Containment Components. My reason for this, is so that Con Artists Games (CAG) can easily add these components back into the drop, and already have an idea of what to base the appearances of any new components and HAZ items on. 


Items may require some of the following: 


Containment Kit Parts (All Items)


Containment High Tension String (Bows)


Containment Leather (Select Gear and Weapons)


Containment Sub Machine Gun Receiver (Sub Machine Guns)


x12 Ballistic Scope (Select Pistols, and the Van Buren)


Red Dot Sights ( Select Machine Guns, Rifles, and Automatic Pistols) - increases hit chance


Containment Clip Magazines (Select Weapons) - increases clip size 


Underbarrel Rails ( Select Assault Rifles, Pistols, and other weapons ) - allows for select passive gear items to be equipped. 


Masterkeys (Select Assault Rifles) 



Tactical Knife (Select Pistols) .


Containment Capacitor (Select Traps)


Containment Tripod (Select Heavy Weapons).  


Other Various Weapon Attachments (Depends on the Weapon)





Players are able to craft these weapons and gear items using schematics. Unlike other schematics, players are able to give these weapons attachments. There are three levels of schematics for each weapon. Grade 1, 2, and 3. The Grade level is equal to how many attachments a weapon can be crafted with. Stacking of Attachments is not allowed. Once a weapon is crafted, it's attachments cannot be changed, nor can it earn any more attachments. Certain weapons cannot have certain attachments. Some Weapons have exclusive attachments which no other weapons can have. 






WEAPONS: Each One of these would have a level 45 and level 20 Variant


#1  Containment M16A4 w/t Master-key -.  3-round burst assault rifle with  An under-barrel Remington 870 shotgun attachment (or mastery key). The shotgun is fired once hostiles enter the minimum effective range of the M16A4. Both weapons are reloaded at the same time. 


Level 45 Variant has an Effective Range (ER) of 20, and a minimum effective range (MER) of 10. Level 20 Variant Has a ER of 15 and a MER of 7. 


(This weapon would look very similar to the one below)






#2 Containment Twin Eagles - Two Desert Eagle Pistols. Allows the survivor to shoot at multiple targets at once. Both weapons are reloaded at the same time. One is Gold, the Other is Silver.





#3 Containment Boxing Gloves. - A boxing glove on each hand of the survivor. Low damage, but high knock back chance and APS. 





#4 Containment M2 Browning .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun. - HIGH Damage,  High Accuracy,  Decent APS. High Movement Speed penalty.







#4 Containment Van Buren - Highly improved Van Buren. level 20 Version has 28 Range. Level 45 Version has 38 Range.  


#5 Containment Pistol with Tactical Knife - a Pistol with a Knife for CQC engagements. 




There could be a few traps (maybe).


1# Decoy  Ammo Drop Off - A fake ammo drop off, rigged to blow once scavenged. Detectable by recons only.  (Adds the idea of decoy drop offs). 




 #1 Containment Grenade AB1's and AB2's  (AB2 is upgraded version of the AB1)




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#1 and #2 wouldn't work due to in-game limitations.


I wouldn't mind seeing some new weapons though, especially HAZ-only ones.

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