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Feedback Of A Returning Player

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coming back from a hiatus of about, what, 3 years? i'm amused at how the game still lives on and is still (somewhat) thriving. with that in mind, i'll list some of my observations of the game upon my return.


1) Survivor healing


since it's been a while since i last played i find it rather weird why survivor healing was changed. used to be that you would just hold the space bar and then click on the survivor icons at the bottom middle and your medic/leader would come straight to help but now that's not the case. i find that now, you need to press the [E] key and have to click on the survivor per se. [Space] bar doesn't seem to work and with the [E] key, clicking on the survivor icons do nothing.


prior to a little searching on the forum i was a bit frustrated that i couldn't heal any of my survivors upon my return. sure, i was just doing a practice raid on my compound to wear the rust a little, but still i found it annoying and ended up killing 3 of my 5 survivors in just a minute (yeah, not the best raider here, i know, but still!). 


my two cents on this is: why? i tried looking for some patch notes or something similar but found none (or could be that i'm just not looking hard enough, for that i apologize if there are indeed patch notes for this matter) so i would like to know from the devs why the change? i appreciate all the work you've put in the game to keep it standing a good 5+ years but this? am i really the only person who finds that toggling the [E] key and having to click on the actual survivors and not the icons makes the game somewhat unplayable? is this your response for making the game "challenging" for the players at the cap? 


2) Books


nice to know that you've added a fifth book slot. i haven't tried any of the tactics manuals yet but from reading some comments about them here, it seems that the benefits are just not enough for you to use them. same with challenge books. these have been in the game for a while now but still no changes. the restrictions they pose far outweigh the benefits you get from using them. is a 30~50% boost to exp asking for too much? or giving loot bonuses like finding more resources (particularly water)? increased item rarity drops? such books are meant to add a little oomph to the game but if the debuffs are too much compared to the benefits why bother?


i know that these are seemingly minor stuff compared to what you guys have on your roadmap but it's the little things that count. a little attention to these subtleties shows players the care you guys give to the game. 




3) Experience


i've just noticed that doing low level areas do NOT yield anymore experience. i suppose this is fine. not really much i can disagree with. another thing i've noticed is that the mini-mission "Medic" does not yield as much experience as it once before. i guess this is an exploit fix because a few years back, what you'd do is you'd equip the book "Shortening Your Lifespan" along with "Ready. Aim. Zombies" and then retrain all your survivors into medics. the whole premise of these is to lower survivor HP, get hit a lot then heal; because the mini-mission can be spammed, just rinse and repeat and presto, all your survivors are at level 50 (the cap wasn't 55 at the time. lol that makes me look old). anyway, i appreciate this response. as for other mini-missions, i've yet to discern any changes.


that would be all for now. i haven't spent much time with the game since i came back so i'll just edit this post when something else comes up.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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There was no change: Spacebar still works. Maybe there's something on your end that's causing that.

And yes, a 30-50% bonus to exp (considering the manuals are craftable) is kind of gamebreaking.

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interesting. i've found other topics depicting players' inability to heal by holding down [space] then left click:




http://forum.conarti...+spacebar +heal


all solutions posted indicate the use of toggling the [E] key, which i find rather cumbersome but if the [space] still works fine as you say, i guess i'll just check it out and see what i'm doing wrong. 


as for the exp boost, i find that when using challenge books, i just can't seem to feel the impact of a 10% exp bonus when playing. and other bonuses are just too impractical for other challenge books to merit any use at all. i've yet to encounter an exp+ manual though (haven't created a research bench yet, so i guess that's high level). as a casual player, i find that exp is just hard to come by. you can't go exp grinding because of lock-outs and mission return times. after all, you only have 24 hours in a day. but that's just me, i guess. 

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