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Updated: Safes, Vaults Chests And Locked Containers

Safes Vaults Locked Containers

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UPDATED -  6/10/2017 : Any Survivor can unlock the chest now. 


As you all know (or should know), survivors  are able to disarm traps. However, I believe that there should be locked containers which require a survivor to unlock them. 





Each location has a 10% chance to spawn a locked container. THe location type determines what's in the container, as well as what this container will look like/ Once a location with a locked container is spawned the chances of it happening again is decreased by 90% for a period fo 24 hours and so on. 


These Locked Containers feature a lockout system too advanced for improvised methods to by-pass, so if a survivor doesn't crack it open the 1st time, they're out of luck


Penalties/Bonuses effect the base spawn chance, which is 10% A 10% decrease, would decrease the spawn chance to 9%, not 0%. A 20% increase in the spawn chance would increase the spawn chance to 12%, not 30% 


Running a location lower in level will result in a penalty. This penalty is equal to a 10% decrease in the chance for a locked container spawn per level. For example if a level55 player were to run a level 45 mission, the chances of  a locked container spawning would be 3.4% 

Running a location higher in level will result in a bonus. This bonus is equal to a 20% increase in the chance for a locked container per level. For example, if level 20 Player B were to run a level 25 mission, the chances of a locked container spawning would be 20.76%

The the range at which locked containers are spotted is determined by the trap spotting skill of the survivor. 
The base probability of unlocking a container is 10%. The probability of unlocking a container is dependent on the trap disarming skill of the survivor. Survivors with higher trap disarming skills with have a higher chance to unlock the container, than survivors with a low trap disarming skill. 
Residences - Small safes - 2-5 Effect Books and 2-5 Tactical Books
HOSPITALS/MEDICAL LOCATIONS - Golden Medical  Cabinet - 10-60 Medical Items of Various Grades.
Resource and Component Locations - Golden Storage Cabinet -  Contains rare resource items giving about 100-800 Metal Cloth, and Wood, and it also gives 25-300 Nails and Bolts. 
Offices - Golden File Cabinet - Contains ONE Elite quality or higher grade schematic. 
WEAPON LOCATION - Golden Pirate Chest - Contains ONE Weapon OR Gear Item of rare quality or higher. 
Supermarkets - Golden Chest Freezer -Contains rare Quality Food and Water items, giving about 100-800 water and food. 

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