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Research Of Improvised Weapons

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Although Improvised Weapon  Schematics are given and automatically unlocked each time the weapons bench is upgraded, I believe that Players should be able to use their engineer survivors to research Improvised Weapon Schematics which cannot be found by upgrading the weapons bench (Such as a scoped sighted Van Buren) or scavenged (such as a sighted recoiless bulldog) . Engineers would think and "research" ways to make nearby everyday household items and components into useful gear and weapons. There are two ways that this could be done (as far as I see it, though any modifications I'd consider).
1) Players could  have their engineers research a "firearms" or "melee" category. This would generate a random schematic from the chosen category. The level of the item would be dependent on the engineer. The quality of the weapon schematic generated would be random, however, it would follow the current quality drop chance pattern (common schematics have the highest chance of being given, infamous OR unique have the lowest). There is a research timer which prevents the selected engineer from doing other tasks while the new weapon schematic is being generated. 
2) Players could research how to improve the current improvised item schematics that they have (for example, research a sighted van buren to get a scoped sighted van buren) Players could also upgrade the level of improvised schematics, either by upgrading the crafting table or by researching the schematic (once the schematic could no longer be improved). The maximum quality level of a schematic could be unique OR infamous. This would greatly increase the use of Improvised weapons and might even make them rival or surpass some of their non improvised equivalents. 
3) There could be a mix of the two options. 
As far as i see it, this research would require equipment research notes. 
Note* Similar to crafted infamous items, Improvised Weapons of rare quality and higher cannot be traded. Also, this idea can be modified to work for both Gear and Weapon Items. 

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I see upvotes, but could I get some input? 


Which option sounds better, ect, ect... 


I'm thinking for #2, there could be a cool Improvised Research Tree. Two Branches - Weapons and Gear - and those two branches split up into smaller branches... But anyway, I'd like feedback. I might update the main post and include a 4th option. 

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