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Missions Not Saving/ Connection Problems

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EVERY time I do a mission, I complete the mission, I click "leave", a small grey box with "Leaving" comes up, buffers for about 30s-5mins and then it tells me I have been disconnected.
I reload the page, the mission comes up as complete, but NONE of my Loot or XP is saved!! 

I go on missions to lose the use of my survivors for a set period of time! 


Can anyone help?
I'm on a Macbook Air using Chrome, I've tried it on Firefox and Safari, doesn't work. 
Cleared the Cache - Nope

Reloading the game IS the problem! 


This has been happening for the past 2 days and it's not my own connection, as some other sites, like FB, will reload without a problem! 


Any suggestions? / Can ye fix the problem plz? :)



Bryan Big Dick (I know..... I completely regret my childish username choice...)

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