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Assault Squad/at Team Upgrades

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So as US, I've been running an armored build with the 3 vehicles, then assault squad+AT team. There are a few upgrades which I have tried and are kinda fun, but I want to give some feedback on.


Assault Squads can buy the MP9 and the AA-12, both of which are close-range weapons with higher damage. The MP9 has higher damage than the AA-12, but lower range.  However, it is the opposite for the AT Team's M870 and MP9, and this discrepancy seems odd to me.


Also, the Assault Squad's M320 kit has far too short of a range. Its short range hampers its use for hiding behind cover and taking shots at enemy vehicles, and we all know what happens to exposed infantry fighting against vehicles. It also increases the resupply timer of assault squads so much, it actually removes the point of using the M320 as a quick source of soft anti-vehicle, because at the current increase in resupply time, even upgraded AT teams can deploy faster. In contrast, the resupply timer penalty caused by the rifleman M320 is more reasonable.


Lastly, I would like to find out if there's any difference between the rifleman M320 and the assault squad M320.


Thanks in advance.

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