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Haz Items Propoasl: Unusual Stats Items

haz exclusive items stats

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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This is not really a new idea, but I think it could be worth a revision.


As you know, the idea of HAZ-only items has been circulating around for a while, but creating interesting new items for all levels (20 to 55) might be a little difficult. I propose instead the following:


All items of Superior quality and above that are scavenged in the HAZ would have a chance to have a stat that is not originally present in the item, in a similar manner to crafting kits. However, unlike crafting kits, these would actually be able to add characteristics not obtainable with them, and possibly add new ones that no crafting kit can give, or even stats that no other items have, like those that have been suggested in the forums (such as knockback resistance, critical hit chance, etc).


This is a sample of what I mean:




Obviously, this should be balanced according to the item type, and it would focus not in the average damage/APS/range increase, but in the versatility of the item (for example, adding Trap Spotting to a weapon). Also, since we can't choose wich item gets which bonus, and since they won't have crafted bonuses, they could be a little more risky in the balancing of the amount of bonus they gain.


Boring? Too OP? Any comments or feedback will be greatly appreciated :)

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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1) I'm not qualified to calculate the actual probability of the items to get this stats (only Con has the data to take that kind of decision), but it should be fairly high and balanced accordingly, otherwise it wouldn't have any impact. It would work as any other stat: it has a chance to appear, but the actual amount that can be gained will depend of quality, with unis getting the highest "pool".


2) Only one unusual stat per item, and if the item has many stats (such as in the cases of uniques), it should replace one of the less useful ones, and in the case of less stats it should be added (for example, I removed Hit Chance in the unique wrench to make room for Trap Disarming, but I added Ammo Cost in the blue magazine while keeping the other stats).


3) The original idea contemplates a small "pool" of stats for each item (which can be from mild to very useful, and chosen according to the item), but if balancing or programming issues arise, it could be made random.


4) The first "they" refers to the items (since they are looted, they don't have crafting bonuses) and the second refers to the developers. "Risky" means higher bonuses than those found in the crafting kits (for example, a Health bonus of 15% as opposed of the maximum of 10 a kit can give) and less type restrictions (for example, giving Explosive Resistance to a weapon, which is impossible with Crafting kits). This could theoretically be made because we aren't choosing which bonus goes to which item, and we aren't getting any crafting bonuses, so the actual percentage could be a little higher than crafting kits, at least in my opinion.


5) This idea is directed to avoid introducing more "special items", because:

                 -Between event items (which will keep coming), Infamous items and HERC Prototypes (which have more of them to come), we have already many options.

                 -It will save the effort of designing new items for every level tier (which, for example, would be designing three items for level 20 , three for lvl 30, lvl 40, lvl 50 and lvl 55).

                -It will offer a lot more item-stat combinations than pre-designed items, while still relying on luck to obtain them.

                -It might recover (at least partially) the item trade value that has plummeted in the last year.

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This would definitely be really nice to have, I just think the bonuses should be a bit more item-specific; doesn't really make sense why a gun would make you disarm traps, but it does work with melee for the most part. Maybe certain weapons/gear could have certain bonuses? 

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Indeed, the bonuses are supposed to be specific for every item. In the image, I was trying to have examples ranging from "kind of neat, but not too useful" (like the Trap Disarming in the wrench and the Trap Spotting in the SV-15) to "very useful" (like the Improvised Combat in the engineer armor and the Damage Vs. Infected in the chainsaw shotgun).

Of course, if this gets implemented it would be up to the devs to determine which bonuses would be appropriate for every item.

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