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Weekly Terror Dome Run.

Terror Dome

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This is a revision of my similar idea... 


As you all know, players are able to run the Terror Dome for a certain amount fuel, dependent on their level, however very few run the terror dome because they feel that fuel cost is too, high, and that the rewards aren't worth the cost of running the terror dome. I believe, that players should be able to run the terror dome once every week FOR Free! This would make the terror dome a lot of fun, and would give it that Arcade type feel... If players wanted to run the terror dome again, THEN they would have to pay fuel (to prevent excessive Farming of this feature). 


Allowing players to run the Terror Dome for free, once every week would greatly increase the amount of people who run the Terror Dome on A regular Basis, and would allow them to get better at the terror dome, over time, without spending excess amounts of fuel. 


I see nothing wrong with giving players a free run of the terror dome every week. These Free runs would not stack, so players would really be missing out if they chose to not run the terror dome. This free run would refresh every Sunday or Monday 


Also, I believe that there should be a small reward for Players who're the weekly terror dome leader for their level. Along with the top five terror dome players on the board. 

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