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4th Of July Event Ideas...

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Might be too late to add some suggestions for what I'd like to see in the upcoming 4th of July Event... But since there's still plenty of weeks left till 4th of july, I'll put in some suggestions anyway...  


What I* would like to see. 





1) Uncle Sam Nut Cracker - A small nutcracker that looks like Uncle Sam... It used to be used for cracking walnuts... now it's used for cracking human skulls. Basically it's a blunt-melee weapon.  


2) Footbomb - American Football + Explosives = Footbomb. Basically it's an improvised Grenade. 




 3) USA Ballcap - 100% Organic Material, Made in USA. 


 4) USA Aviators - Cool Red and Blue Sunglasses. 


 5) USA  SODA Drink Hat - Something every survivor should have. 




6) Melting Pot - Increase Chance to find quality items.


7) Economics - Increases Chance to find items. 


8) High Supply Low Demand - Decreases crafting and upgrading costs. 




Bald Eagle Figure - Figure of a Bald Eagle. 


USA Party Tires - A stack of red, white, and blue tires. 


Firework launcher - A small-red, white, and blue- fireworks launcher. 



Couldn't think of much to add + my guess is that the developers already have plenty of stuff planned , for this big event. 

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