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Manual Mission Fails; No War Points

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Occasionally, PvE missions which I have scavenged 100% and had notification of +3 War Points after the Return Home button was pressed, registers mission as failure once returned to Compound screen.  I have never seen the Save Fail Error so I do not know what that is.  


Once the successful mission has been failed due to above error, consecutive missions will always be failures until refreshed.  Upon refreshing or exiting then re-entering the browser after deleting all cache and cookies, above error sometimes happens again, in which I am forced to refresh again in hopes of bug being fixed.


As a result;

- I must check Alliance/War tab after each and every PvE War Point yielding mission and this is very annoying.

- I would lose on easy War Points for entire day, since failed or successful missions are blocked out for 23 hours, 

- I must refresh or occasionally delete history/cache/cookies of web browser once mission has been registered as failure just once when it was a +War Point yielding success.


I have searched the forum for anyone else having this issue and it seems I am the only one suffering from it.  I'd appreciate any help, and thanks in advance.


-= Browsers used/tested to see if this issue could be addressed =-

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer


----------> None of above browsers seems to fix the issue.


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