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Recruiting Taskers Non raiding

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Hello forum


I've recently decided to open my alliance to others who are looking to make friends, participate in the War Tasks, loot, and chill. This is not a raiding alliance for competition. If you're new the game, having a hard time on deciding which alliance to join, or just want to generally be in one, I am all ears.


---Facebook / Armorgames---




- Be respectful: I don't want to hear people complaining about others not helping on tasks or having some conflict about the game itself. Jokes(Racism, Rape, or sexuality) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If I catch any comments on those three topics, you will be kicked, reported, and shamed. I have zero tolerance for that and will not let something like that slide.


-Be a Team: Help with the War Tasks, every little or big helps a lot. If you're in need of help with upgrades, let every know so we all can cut time off.


-Communication: If you're sick gonna be absent, or just losing interest in whatever reason, let us know. Last thing I want is to kick someone who is inactive for some time but that person could had been injured or something.



Discord: I have made a private server for the Alliance itself to make things easier to communicate with, it's free and easy to download. It's not a requirement however I do strongly suggest it as I use it everyday.


Download link: https://discordapp.com/

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