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raiding PVP bs

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Raiding, a fun and needed part (For some) in this game. But also very annoying and tedious.


Is it the 2 hour return time? Or the bases that seem to never fall? Or even spawning in and getting sniped by someone on the ground who seems to be able to see you no matter how far?


For me, Raiding has become less fun and enjoyable. I have had a few accounts from the start of this game (Facebook and now Armorgames) and raiding has always been the same. The game updates and adds so much great new content. But raiding doesn't get a check. But in reality, it can be quite unfair.


Spawning in just to be hit by a sniper with 60-70 range then getting instantly suppressed

Throwing a smoke to try seperate targets so it's easier to take some out but then the smoke failing since they're all together

A lot of the time not being allowed to throw grenades at certain areas (Smokes and frags)

Ridiculous base layouts that are impossible to take down

Spawn in, die in 20 seconds and wait 2 hours for a return


These are just a few things I hate about raiding, nothing is ever changed about raiding but lots of other things are changed or added to the game, it needs an overhall because in the last 5 years, not much has been touched in the raiding aspect.

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