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Can We Get A Overhall Please?

Raiding Pvp

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In the 5 years, this game has barely ever changed it's raiding mechanics or anything. Raiding in this game is so repetitive and boring, not to mention how once you reach a certain level. People are having identical bases which you need pure luck or the highest amount of gear to take down. 


I thought I'd make a post about it here for a discussion, you try have a talk about this with people in game and all you are met with are children saying "Git Gud" (Instantly blocked, kids shouldn't be on this game) 



Raiding is unbalanced and always the same.

Not really a Player v Player mode is in the game, just an offline attack mode.

Some base defences literally cannot be taken out (All enemy players can see the angle you are going to use)

Grenades cannot be used in certain parts of the compounds? (Not sure why) Which really defeats the purpose of raiding if you cannot break line of sight on a certain part.


I love being in an alliance, but to be in an alliance. You have to put up with this awful raiding system, so much content is added to this game and yet very little is done about raiding.



PVP is a needed part of any Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie, Survival, MMO 

Allows the player to use strategy to take down opponents (This does go in to my cons about how sometimes strategy doesn't work)

Makes you have to plan about zombie and player attacks.


(Feel free to comment your own opinion and construct an argument please, I actually just would like to discuss all sides of it)

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