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Freedom Week 2017

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Event over for days.


Can we get some Herc and Premium boxes please?


It is really sad to see that you don't give a shit about this game anymore!

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Luke Ridiculous

Luke Ridiculous
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It is really sad to see that you don't give a shit about this game anymore!

they still give one to this game,that's why there are so many events going on it's just that...

         "they somehow forgot to become entertainers"
                                                -Unknown(it's from Lana Woo I guess)

I'm pretty sure they've overworked on compensating us that they almost forgot one single thing why are the events they make are always organized and as awesome as it gets to the playerbase...they have actually spent their time making every single one with quality within them(whether it is some extensions for the event,2nd weeks or just plainly adding more cosmetic effects and extra stats to our weapons and gears(that we sometimes don't need,btw the new kits are still broken guys) in-game to make it more magical and thrilling for us)


I have a question also:Where did Woody go?

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I'm in charge of the boxes and they were set up to start dropping again immediately after the event was over. I've been out of town for a while and it seems that something isn't working correctly, working on fixing it for this maintenance.


Edit: New boxes with new items should be dropping now, let me know otherwise!

Moses Hank

Moses Hank
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any chance that these crafted items will become tradable.   I have a few extras Id like to move out of my inventory.        Thanks,   Moses

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