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Iventory Space Reached

iventory space reached organizing your home book slots

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Hello everyone

My question is this, i was about 490 slots ocuppied in iventory so i bought the 20% book "organizing your home" and equipped it

Then i kept pçlaying and meanhwile i bought a 40% version, but now im arround 550 slots occupied


Question: can i equip the 40% book, by exachnig the 20%, on the"books bar, "without having any iventoy issue/bug, or without loosing anythign?


sory if this isnt the correct tab

also sory for any spelling mistake, english is not my langugae

edit: i didnt follow con guidelynes, because its not a bug which have happened



thankyou ver much

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If you change the 20% inventory book with the 40% one, you won't lose anything from your inventory.


But, note that if there are incoming survivors from your mission (Mission ended) while your inventory is full, your looted items will be lost due to the fact that there is no place to keep your items.


I hope I could solve your problem.

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If I recall correctly...


If you unequip the books entirely you won't lose anything out of your existing inventory.  However since you'll be over capacity You won't be able to pickup anything from missions other than raw resources (wood/metal/cloth/food/etc)


Once your capacity drops below 100% you'll start picking stuff up again.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Components, junk and other stuff that stacks are saved, too. I know because I've sent many auto missions for event components and even well after I filled my inventory I could still stack them. individual items (weapons, gear, books, etc) or stackable items that I didn't have before were lost, though.

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