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Changes That Have To Be Made

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I am making this post in order to tell everyone my opinion about the game.So,there are various bugs which existed since last August confirmed,like not being able to start a mission with the screen being black,if you refresh you have to wait for them to come back,then I have to reload on my FB the game 3 times till it starts (I have a nice and new laptop so it's sure not because of my laptop),your buildings,objects etc in your compound dissappear sometimes and you see your survivors in an empty compound and have to reload the game.So what I want to say to fix the bugs instead of doing an event so bad as the last one,it was a big waste of time.I couldn't collect any unis this week because of the event and got uselse's components.So,please fix at least the black screen bug soon.I hooe I see that change till September otherwise I don't think I want to play a game which has bugs from over a year and I think someone already reported the black screen mission bug.FIX IT.
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