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Weapon Damage Stat Confusion

weapon stats

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So I'm just curious about the math behind the weapon stats. I can't say it affects my gameplay at all, but it's been perplexing me for some time now, so I was wondering if any math fans out there had noticed and/or figured out the seemingly nonsensical weapon damage and attacks/sec stats.


For example, here is a weapon and its relevant stats:


Quick Sight Compound Bow

60 damage per second

150-180 damage

Aim time: 0.42 seconds

Attacks per second: 4

Reload speed: 1.25 seconds


Based on the aim time and reload speed, you should only be able to do one attack per 1.67 seconds, NOT 4 attacks per second. In addition, I'm confused about the stat shown below the dmg/sec stat on each weapon. In this case, is the 150-180 damage supposed to be how much damage it does in one attack? If that's the case, it would do 150-180 damage in 1.67 seconds...which comes out to 89-108 damage per second, NOT 60 damage per second.


Is there some other mechanic going on behind the scenes to produce these stats, or am I missing something? Does the damage stat maybe take into account the hit chance somehow? I'm honestly just really curious, because the answer could affect how I choose to assign weapons to survivors. :) Thanks in advance for any input!

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I think in the dmg stats, the damage per second is the most common you will have or the amount of dmg made by second, but for what you said with your maths, you leave me confused...

But i know, the damage under the dmg per sec is the minimum and maximum damage the weapon can do, for example 50-150, minimum is 50 and maximum is 150.

Very good thought about LS:DZ maths dude.

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    DPS (the big number) is the result of taking an estimate of its damage per minute (using damage, aim time, reload, etc.) and dividing by 60. It's not necessarily accurate second-by-second, but rather just the average damage in a second you can expect throughout a mission. It's a meaningless number on weapons that strike less than once a second such as your bow. On things like bows, the damage per shot, the number range at the bottom, is what you should be looking at instead for overall damage output.

   The APS does play a minor role on one-shot weapons as well - it determines the time between the last bullet fired and the start of the reload, meaning; faster APS, less time in between.

Bows are trickyish items and I hope I covered all your uncertainties here, maybe now you can find out which bow is right for you

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Here's a little something I did recently:

This is the one I have so far:



Average damage = (Max. damage + Min. damage) / 2

It still produces some variations (< 5 DPS in what I've tested so far), but if you want to estimate the DPS it works.

The "damage" stat is the damage done by every individual bullet (or weapon strike for melee) if it hits the enemy.
The "aim time" is the time that takes for the survivor to raise the gun and aim. It only comes into place if the survivor has just reloaded, has finished realizing another action (such as scavenging or healing) or if a certain time has elapsed since he engaged the last enemy. You can actually see when they lift the weapons in the animation.
The "reload speed" is the time it takes to recharge the magazine.
The "Attacks per second" is the number of shots (or weapon swings for melee) that a survivor can do in one second when attacking in "full auto mode" (that is, if the weapon is already aimed and there are still bullets in the magazine). The time between the attaks is the inverse of the APS (time = 1 / APS).

Since the bows are 1-shot weapons, the reload time and aim time apply after every shot, along the APS time; therefore, the actual time between shots is the sum of the APS time, the reload speed and the aim time:

Time between shots = (1/4)+(0.42)+1.25 = 1.92 seconds

If the damage each shot is 150-180, the average damage is (150+180)/2 = 165.

DPS = 165 / 1.92 = 85.93 DPS

That is, with a 100% hit chance. Since you didn't listed it, we assume it to be around 70%:

DPS = (165 * 0.70) / 1.92 = 60.15 DPS

The formula above applies to any weapon, but it only gives an approximate DPS. I still don't know why.

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Huh, so it seems like there is a lot more going on in the calculations than would seem obvious. Thanks all for your input! I'll have to keep that formula in mind when picking my weapons.


Speaking of, out of curiosity, how does everyone choose which weapons to assign their survivors, based only on doing the maximum damage possible? (So hypothetically, if things like accuracy and APS were enhanced/evened out by other items and you were just choosing the highest damage.) Do you tend to look more at the DPS or the min/max damage stat?

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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As a general rule, for PVE you want to have as much DPS as possible; however, depending on the mission and the weapons avaliable you might want to make some compromises. For example, you might prefer weapons with more range for larger maps, or higher knockback for close range combat. Damage per shot is not as useful to determine a weapon's effectivity, but it can be taken into account to decide between two similar DPS weapons.
Raiding weapons are completely different, and they often favor a high range weapon over a high DPS one. I don't know much about raiding, perhaps somebody else can clear that one for you.
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