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News Challange

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i look if all old player retired and quiting from deadzone , they if got bored or some reason need news challange , they think if old version war is still good and better , not like now war system..

about TD and island still no have price for interesting about level 60 horde still easy , for developer i have idea , how if you change again about war system ?? like not high wp and scored ??

just asking ...

thanks and enjoy ( shooter_shoot )

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I like your Idea.

Im with you :)

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As far as I'm concerned, this old system was much harder on new and/or ill-equipped players. Wasn't around to see how this system worked in person, but I'm not interested in having to beat the highly equipped and set up bases of Veteran/Lucky Players, which have very good stuff equipped to their guys, almost always. 


Not interested in paying scores of premium keys for their good weapons. 

Not interested in spending weeks... months... maybe even years to POSSIBLY** GET* the loot, needed to beat their base.


With the current state of the game, it's already Pay to Progress* (not pay to win). This may add to its Pay To Win quality, and scare away more of the playerbase.  


One Year passed before I actually found my 1st Unique Long Rifle. I was at least a level 30. It was a level 7 Unique Hunter Compact, with 25.5 Range, that also had the most range out of all my long rifles..... Yet the veteran's alts have max stat fals and Unique Fals, and Unique PSG's, with 28+ range. 

The system you want, gives the poor an unfair advantage against the rich. 


Adding this old system would greatly reduce the Player Base, and would not be beneficial to the game. New Players would not be sought after, since only veterans with good gear would be able to score decent amounts of points. 


This does benefit the veteran players, and long-time, PvP alliances, since they already have plenty of good PvP stuff stocked up. This will simply allow them to dominate their respective servers even more, and will encourage New Players (which are needed for growth) to stop playing the game, which is already dying.


Some sort of limited targeting system, MIGHT* be better... but then again... The game is 5 years old... Are the developers really going to waste their time changing the Alliance War System BACK to it's old System? 


If they replaced the old system, obviously it was for the better of the game. Putting it back after all this time sounds stupid to me. Just to get the same complaints that were given back when the system was 1st introduced.... 

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