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Halloween 2017

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Hi, my idea for the Halloween 2017 could me nice.

i want the halloween 2014 and 2015 ( if some agreed with me ) 


Because the 2014 had cool weapons, a new building, nice clothing..


I loved the 2015 .. why?  


First: They were Red zeds from Doctor.X

They were very difficult but it the zeds were with the theme.


Second: The weapons were so beautiful ^^ 


i would like to have the 2014 + the 2015 halloween in one halloween.


-You can add 2 DeadLy melee :)

-2 uniques guns ( a machinegun, shotgun, pistol for example... )

-The Colour of the under the weapon should be Red ( perfect for Halloween )

-Nice gore mask ( like Zombie or Vampire )


Building ( because we didn't have one the last halloween )


- Automatic Machinegun


And... Like the halloween 2015.. The Zeds from Doctor.X


That's all. I hope you will Like it Con :)













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So, here are my ideas. Con could either:


1. Redo the Exo event and make the Exo suits reappear along with the old and new Exo weapons and new HERC enemies

Exo weapons include the EXO-82 (the Cobra Assault Cannon from Robocop, needs a MRS-82 rifle), the EXO-50 (the AE-50 version, based on the gun from Judge Dredd), the EXO-12 (based on the Pancor Jackhammer, needs the DRS-12 shotgun) and a SMG that looks like this (http://vignette4.wik...=20160519171520)


As for the enemies, since Con took inspiration from Elysium, maybe the exo suits that we crafted were the basis for HERC to develop their own security droids (like in the movie).


2. Make a supernatural evil event, like the one where he added pumpkin head infected or where X berzerkers (the red zombies with blades) and add weapons from dark fantasy media. This time, the evil faction could be the Hallowed cultists (the guys that made players build a shrine to attract more infected and you got a crappy doll-like mask as reward).


I only have the idea for one weapon: Van Helsing's crossbow (crossbow + smg, low damage, high rate of fire and somewhat long reload) but feel free to suggest more from dark fantasy, gothic and related media. Maybe a blunderbuss that is a blunderbuss (one shot, short range, long reload, low ammo cost but capable of one-shot kills)


As for enemies, we could have back those blade-wielding zombies, with the cultist's mask and an Elite like this one (https://images.movie...ne-page-amc.jpg) or, I dunno, whatever sick modification you can imagine done to the infected.

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