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Creating Alliances

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Making alliances costs very much fuel and taking paciance to save up, realy takes a long time to reach 1000 fuel. But not all people can buy fuel with real money, so can dev's make the price of creating alliances reduce to 500 fuel or less ? Thank you if that woud happen.

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It will be impossible to do that. you know why?

If alliances cost 500 fuel, all will want to create his own alliance.

So no. Con will never reduce the alliances cost

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Aubrey Dickson Retired

Aubrey Dickson Retired
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hmm according to the alliance page there is a example of a task where you have to kill infected was that a actual task at one point or just a example?

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When alliances were only 100 fuel there far more "one man" alliances than real alliances. War was broken was broken and people were only really interested in the boosts.


So Con increased the fuel cost to 1000 and made it harder for one-man alliances to complete tasks (by doubling the task amounts) to discourage players from doing this and to encourage them to join actual alliances.




The "Kill X infected" task only happened on the very first round.   Only infected that were you level (or higher) counted.   This was problematic when war first came out, as the level cap on FB/AG was 50, but the content only went up to level 40 at the time so max level players on AG/FB server were screwed (only zeds compound attack would count).   So Con took it out of the rotation.   Why it's never come back now that the level cap matches the content, I couldn't tell you.

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